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Winter 2018/19
Volume 24 No. 04
A publication of The Salvation Army

In this issue

Who am I? | By Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder

Missing person no more | By Samuel Hill
The Salvation Army helped reunite a sister with the brother she didn’t know existed.  

A simple landmark of home
Handmade quilts serve as empowerment for women in recovery.

Coffee connects cops and community
Event facilitates understanding, growth.

Why I love my work | By Elizabeth Veras Holland
God has sent me a way to connect with him in the easiest way possible: by playing and laughing with children.

Do something today | By Terry Masango, Captain
Just as Salvation Army Founder General William Booth challenged his own son, we too can be challenged to never tire of doing something for others.

Uber grant helps shuttle Alaska seniors
Seniors are the fastest growing segment of Alaska’s population and many need a ride.

Eating together feeds bodies and souls | By Hillary Jackson
Research shows sharing a table with others has a number of benefits.

Advocating for goodBy Christin Thieme
Nonprofit advocacy forms a vital link between community needs and Capitol Hill.

Getting people back to workBy Vivian Lopez
Workforce development movement takes off in and around Sacramento.

The diagnosis is poverty | By Abagail Courtney
A growing model contends that poverty isn’t something to simply “rise above” any more than exposure to lead or asbestos.

Meet the mechanic who won’t overcharge youBy Jared McKiernan
The role of reliable transportation in fostering economic mobility can’t be overstated.