Building Confidence


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Winter 2017-2018
Volume 23 No. 04
A publication of The Salvation Army

In this issue

Influence | By Kenneth G. Hodder, Commissioner

‘If you can learn to hate, you can learn to love’ | By Jared McKiernan
An ex-neo-Nazi skinhead is on a mission to offer a fresh start to ‘haters’ everywhere.

Door of hope
A Baja California shelter opened to serve Mexican nationals at risk of trafficking, but it’s become a safe haven for women and children from around the world.

The lessons disaster brings
Back-to-back hurricanes shed some light on why The Salvation Army does what it does.

Finding myself at camp | By Brian Qualls, Cadet
Once bullied himself, working at a Salvation Army camp helped heal one man who now helps others.

The Salvation Army builds confidence | By Caitlin Johnston
Beyond provision of physical needs, the organization fosters choices to reshape lives.

Reclaiming beauty | By Joy Yi
How do we approach appearance and confidence, and what kinds of attitudes about beauty do we pass on to our children?

A map to restoring one’s identity | By Terry and Sharon Hargrave
It takes love to inform our identity and trustworthiness to form our sense of safety.  

Keeping child care costs in check | By Jared McKiernan
The Salvation Army steps in to fill need, and give parents peace of mind.

Clean water flows from well of goodwill | By Dinoo Kelleghan
A pledge to solve human need without discrimination has put The Salvation Army up against a killer disease in Sri Lanka.

Can volunteering ward off depression? | By Hillary Jackson
Studies show maintaining social connection is key when trying to help alleviate symptoms.