Be the Light


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Fall 2018
Volume 24 No. 03
A publication of The Salvation Army

In this issue

Influence | By Stephanie Taylor

‘Emotional Agility’ | By Kristin Marguerite Doidge
Bestselling author and psychologist Dr. Susan David says caring for our emotions can help us thrive.

A life worth dying for | By Jesse Posner, Lt.
A testimony

Ministry in transit | By Vivian Lopez
Partnership brings services to Bay Area’s homeless.

Unmasking depression | By Teresa Della Monica, Captain
“I no longer feel the need to hide my emotions, my fears or my mental health status as if I were hiding something shameful or secretive.”

Light of life | By Lore Ferguson Wilbert
The hope of light in the dark

Capturing life and improving it | By Hillary Jackson
Research finds taking and sharing pictures can enhance wellbeing.

The science of making friends as an adult | By Vanessa Van Edwards
We search for soul mates, why not best friends?

Creating an inclusive workspace | By Brooke Lynn Brewer
How to move beyond ‘friendly’ to include all employees

Created to createBy Kristin Marguerite Doidge
How art can heal and bring people together

Life changing mentorship | By Vivian Lopez
Studies show maintaining social connection is key when trying to help alleviate symptoms.

Go to the storms | By Tim Tebow
An excerpt from “This Is the Day”