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  • 📺 Watch | “The Way Home”: For more than 38 years, Duane lived without a home. Then he found his way to The Salvation Army’s Bell Shelter, a shelter and addiction recovery program for those experiencing homelessness in Southern California. See how Duane’s life was transformed by God, and what he said when he got keys of his own. 
  • 📰 Read | The diagnosis is poverty: A growing model contends that poverty isn’t something to simply “rise above” any more than exposure to lead or asbestos. So what if we approached poverty as a “condition” that can be best treated by proper assessment, standards of care and quality-control measures, rather than as a character flaw? 
  • 📺 Watch | “Meth, Money and Madness”: Paul had, what many would consider, the good life. A high paying career, married with two children, and an ocean view home. He longed for the seemingly limitless energy of colleagues, eventually became addicted to crystal meth, and spiraled downward. Watch him share how he overcame addiction and entrusted his life to Christ. 
  • 📰 Read | Behind the scenes of Salvation Army thrift stores: See how The Salvation Army provides free rehabilitation to thousands each year. 
  • 📰 Read | Salvation Army restores family for one man in recovery from addiction: “I lost everyone and everything I loved,” Joshua Needham said. “I could not stop using and drinking…I lost all hope. That’s what led me to the ARC.” See how his life was transformed and how he now helps others to do the same. 
  • 📺 Watch | As the need grew due to COVID-19, The Salvation Army went into emergency response mode across the country to provide food programs and shelter services. See eight personal examples of how exactly The Salvation Army is right there with you during a disaster. 
  • 🎙 Listen | How The Salvation Army is responding to need: Hear Sabrina Kiser, Director of Social Services for The Salvation Army West, explore need from all angles—as the pandemic hit, the outlook right now and as The Salvation Army prepares for what’s to come on this episode of the Do Gooders Podcast. 
  • 📰 Read | Can volunteering ward off depression? Studies show maintaining social connection is key when trying to help alleviate symptoms. So while volunteering might not be a cure-all, see more about what it can do. 
  • 📺 Watch | Retrain the brain: See how neurofeedback treatment is helping veterans, recovering addicts and everyone in between find peace from the noise within. 
  • 🎙 Listen | How to cope with anxiety and find calm: The pandemic caused a feeling of collective unsettling. So how do we cope when anxieties strike? As clinical psychologist Dr. Jack Anderson will tell you in this episode of the Do Gooders Podcast, fear is natural, it’s instinctive. But calmness has to be learned. Hear how we can cope with fear to take on a mindset of hope. 
  • 📰 Read | Surviving servitude: See how The Salvation Army combats labor trafficking and helps survivors reclaim their lives. 
  • 📺 Watch | Heart of this place”: Watch this short-film, a modern day retelling of the parable of the Prodigal Son as found in Luke 15 about the love of God, the Father, seen through the love of this father through the love for his sons. 
  • 🎙 Listen |Yes, The Salvation Army is more than kettles and thrift stores: This episode of the Do Gooders Podcast aims to provide as complete an overview as possible on the extensive work of The Salvation Army and its six key pillars of service. 
  • 📰 Read | How to teach young children about Jesus: Raising and teaching children to love the Lord is one of the greatest responsibilities a Christian adult has, but how do we do it? 
  • 📺 Watch | “Human Hearts”: Watch this short film about a young ballerina with cerebral palsy who is bullied for her differences but braves the stage and follow along with the corresponding four-part Scripture study, starting here with part one. 
  • 🎙 Listen |Creating a safe place for kids to be themselves: Hear one Salvation Army officer (or pastor) share her philosophy on the Do Gooders Podcast about instilling confidence in a young person today so they’ll be ready to face tomorrow—plus one tangible way you can get involved right now.