AdmittingFailureAdmitting Failure

Admitting Failure is designed to eliminate the stigma behind failure and turn it into a life lesson instead because “the only ‘bad’ failure is the one that’s repeated.” It is a medium where organizations can share their failure stories and learn from them to become better versions of themselves.


DonateAPhotoDonate a Photo

As taking photos becomes a daily part of telling our life story, Johnson & Johnson has turned it into a way to better the life of a person in need, through the Donate a Photo app. The app lists causes for people to choose from, and for each photo taken and “donated” to the app, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 to the contributor’s cause of choice.



HungerCrunchHunger Crunch

Hunger Crunch is a game that tackles the hunger issue in both the virtual and real world. The game is operated by Rice Bowls, on organization dedicated to feeding orphaned children in need around the world. All proceeds from in-game purchases go directly toward the Rice Bowls cause to combat hunger.




Timeful is not your typical calendar app. It has all the components of one, but with a twist. Its purpose is to not only remind people of what they need to do for the day, but also to teach them to be mindful of how and what they spend their time doing for better time management and habits.