12: Dating advice in 2021 with Kat Phrasavath

It might be hard to believe, but dating in 2021 could in fact look like meeting your person on Pokemon Go! In this episode of The Commons Podcast, we chat with Kat Phrasavath about her experience dating. She reminds us that respect and good boundaries are priorities for establishing a healthy relationship. Of course, dating will look different for everyone, so whether you are single and ready to mingle, or married, everyone can learn a little something from Kat’s story.

Show highlights include:

  • More about Kat’s story.
  • What Kat thinks about rules for dating. What’s outdated and what’s not?
  • The role of social media in dating today. 
  • What red flags she looks for in dating.
  • How Kat sets boundaries and how they change with the relationship.

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