11: What it’s really like to live abroad with Amanda Fry

Although every country is different, many of the feelings that come with serving abroad and across multi-cultures are relatable. There are ways to adjust to a foreign country and ministry while keeping kindness toward others and yourself intact. You can take a leap of faith and serve in other cultures and countries while maintaining a balance of new and old traditions. 

That’s what Amanda Fry will tell you. She and her husband, Erik, have spent many years serving as educators in Indonesia. Originally from the U.S., they attended Corban University in Salem, Oregon, before getting married and moving to Jakarta to teach. They returned to the U.S. for a few years, during which time they had three children, and now the family has moved back to Indonesia to continue serving. 

As you’ll hear on this episode of The Commons Podcast, Amanda’s experience is unique yet encouraging. 

Show highlights include:

  • What is most exciting about living in Indonesia.
  • How Amanda has her family and herself adjust to the change of living in a totally new part of the world.
  • Some of the traditions or day-to-day things that she has found to be different from living in the U.S. and has adopted since moving.
  • Amanda’s tips for embracing a new culture and keeping cultural sensitivity in mind.
  • How she keeps things from her own culture special.  
  • Her advice for those considering serving and/or permanently moving somewhere outside of the U.S.?

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