10: How to advocate for those we care about with Lt. Melissa Jones

Advocacy is not only something lawyers do. We can all find ways to advocate for those we care about. On this episode of The Commons Podcast, Lt. Melissa Jones, Assistant to the Los Angeles Metro Coordinators, shows us how to balance being there for someone in need, while still setting the appropriate boundaries to be most helpful. As she shares, there are many ways to advocate for those we care about just as we see Jesus being an advocate for others. Plus, what to do if you’re the one asking for help.

Show highlights include:

  • How Lt. Melissa Jones defines advocacy.
  • How she has personal boundaries when it comes to advocating for others, and whether they are necessary. 
  • When it’s time to take a step back if crossing a boundary.
  • Lt. Jones’s take on if a person needs to ask before you advocate for them.
  • Practical ways to start advocating for others.

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